Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tip: Submit Early & Often

Help FrontDesk help you by submitting your homework early and often. There is no penalty for making submissions before you've fully completed the assignment. In fact FrontDesk has features that specifically target early submissions:

  • When evaluating JUnit tests, FrontDesk only considers how well you test the code that you have written. If you've only written the Queue, we'll only hold you accountable for tests on that class.
  • FrontDesk targets the tests it shows you to how far along you are. If you haven't started the HashSet, but have worked on Queue, FrontDesk will show you exceptions in the Queue class.

Submitting early is a great way to get early feedback on how you are doing, evaluate the strength of your unit tests, and harness the automated bug finding power of FindBugs. Submitting early is a great way to help your TA help you. TAs are able to see your submissions, so asking a question about your code is as easy as talking to your TA via email or in office hours.