Thursday, November 02, 2006

Midterm and Midterm review

The 2nd midterm is on Nov 9th. It is in-class. You may bring one page of notes (both sides). The exam is closed book and no electronic devices may be used. We will have a review for the midterm on Nov 7, 6-8pm, in Porter Hall 100 (see directions below). Please post requests for topics you would like to see covered during the review session to the discussion board. Directions: 1. Walk across the 5th floor Wean Hall Patio 2. Go into the door directly across from us on the patio level. That's the entry to Porter Hall. 3. Wall down the hallway until you see the staircase on your right. 4. Go up one floor to the first floor of Porter Hall. 5. Turn left and go down the hallway almost to the doorway on Frew Street. 6. Before the doorway, turn left, that is where the review will be held.