Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Approximate curve

If you want to get a rough estimate of your current standing in the class, do the following: Take your grades for the 4 quizes, the two midterms, and the first 5 homeworks (i.e., everything but chess). The weights are currently as follows: each quiz has weight 1, each exam has weight 3, helloWorld=1, expression tree=2, snakes=2.5, compression=3, graphs=2.5. Compute your weighted average. A weighted average of 84.8, or higher is an A, 78.2, to 84.7 is a B, 67.3 to 78.1 is a C, 53.9 to 67.2 is a D, and everything else is failing. This is not the official curve, only an estimate. There is the final, of course, we are still grading chess, we will be dropping the lowest quiz grade, and the TA will allocate discretionary points, based on your participation in recitations.