Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Averages so far

We've been behind on posting averages, and I forgot what we've posted, so here it is: quiz1: 78.97 quiz2: 66.46 quiz3: 87.58 quiz4: 88.32 expr-tree: 89.45 snake: 83.89 dp-part-a: 17.75 dp-everything-else: 65.29 compression: 81.02 midterm: 70.91 These averages are computed with the people who were in the class at the time, so they might be a bit inflated after people drop. There weren't enough graph assignments graded yet [including my own section :-) ] to merit posting an average, but I'll post one soon. If I forget and it's been a while, shoot me an email. Hope everyone has a fun Carnival!