Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Watching 211 videos

Here is how to watch: Click on the "Lectures" link on the left. Click on a video. You may be asked to authenticate with your andrew password.
  • Principal uses of the video are: (1) using lecture content to find answers to specific technical questions, (2) get clarification on some part of the lecture that may have been confusing the first time around, and (3) review later in the semester. Videos are less effective as a lecture substitute -- better to attend the live event.
  • Some how-to info: (1) Use the slide tray on the bottom to navigate -- just click on a slide or image. (2) Click on the "powerpoint" tab above the main window to see the powerpoint slides rather than the video of the screen or the screen capture (when we do this). Select the "+" on upper right to expand the image. (3) Videos that show powerpoint directly have a search function on lower left that you can use to find specific material -- the index is built from text on the slides. (4) Try also the note-taking tab -- you can create your own private notes or a public channel.
  • If you can't get authenticated, read this: This system uses CMU's "active directory" (ANDREW.AD.CMU.EDU) domain and it has one glitch: If your authentication fails, go to myandrew and reset your password to itself. (Why this works I cannot explain.)
Let us know if any problems. --Bill