Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dynprog targeted regrade

There was a mistake in the dynprog rubric for 1 (d), consequently, stating that some rooms e_i at times t_j were inaccessible if "n+1-i > T-1-j" for the n and T given in the problem intro (or an equivalent condition) was sometimes marked off a point, even though it is accurate. If you experienced this specific error in grading, then turn back in your graded dynprog homework to your TA next recitation (November 11th) and this specific error will be corrected. If for some reason your homework is not resubmitted that recitation, you can get into contact with Trevor Burns (tpburns@andrew.cmu.edu) to work it out, preferably by going to his office hours (Mondays 7-8pm GHC 4122) with the homework in hand. For any other grading concerns you should pursue the normal avenues of recourse. Thanks for your patience.