Sunday, August 29, 2010

LaTeX and hw0

The write up for hw0 on Frontdesk has the following statement in the "Theory Questions" section:
You must type your answers (no handwriting). We recommend using LaTeX and provide the .tex source for each assignment to use as a template, although this is not required.
The first part is correct---you are not to hand in handwritten answers to the theory questions on this or any subsequent homework. The second part is going to be correct for future assignments, but it is an error for this one.

There is no sample .tex file in the hw0 distribution. Since the questions for this theory section are more to make sure you're able to find all the course resources and less about fun greek letters, we're not going to worry about it this time.

Since we're only emphatically recommending that you use LaTeX and not actually requiring it, you won't be submitting .tex files this term. The theory questions will typically be collected in recitation, so we'll actually be taking a paper print out. Our only hard requirement is that it not be hand written.

That said, LaTeX is a fantastic tool and well worth learning as early as possible. If you have trouble using it this term, you should feel free to post to the dboard looking for help. If you've never used it before and would like to try, the following are very good resources to learn about it:

In future assignments, we will include a starter LaTeX file and some simple instructions so that you can get good looking results quickly.