Monday, October 25, 2010

Update to seamcarving assignment

I just updated the seamcarving assignment on FD to address an ambiguity that was pointed out with multiple valid lists. An example of such a list is {1,9,9,1} for which both {1,9} and {9,1} are valid minimum weight subsequences. Note, however, that an example like {1,3,2} only has one valid min-weight subsequence, {1,2}, since it was specified that your list-finding algorithm should find the longest (greediest) valid subsequence. With respect to logistics, any new submissions made to FD support this change. If you've finished the assignment, I'd highly recommend resubmitting to make sure that your code still works (it should). Furthermore, if you download a new copy of the stub code, the runTestTuples() method you get has been adjusted to reflect this change. Good luck!