Wednesday, December 07, 2011

How Chess Works

As you are busy finishing your bots,
The schedule for final handins and the competition is as follows:
In addition to your frontdesk tested version:
Submit your bot version in the new ChessBotHandin assignment at the same due date as the unittested version. The due dates for your handins remain as they were. Like always, you can use up to two late days for this assignment, if you have late days remaining. We will look for cheating. We will collect your scores at the midnight of the date you submit. You can view your current scores as well as the field of results at this page:
For the competition pool:
The competition pool will reset along with your rank at the midnight (barring unforeseen conflict with the server) between Friday and Saturday, and you will have two days to compete(you must opt in to the competition) for extra credit. At the end of the two days, if you competed, you must submit your competition bot to a new assignment which we will create(this will be the third thing you submit, although it may be the same content as your ChessBotHandin). Remember that the standard cheating policy applies and that we will check your chess bots.
Good luck.